Green Stuff

Green Initiative 
When we reopened the hotel in 2006, we put a big focus on making it environmentally friendly, with the dual objectives of providing a unique, relaxing experience for guests and consciously considering the world around us. Below are a few of the green features we are proud of.

Solar Energy
In April, 2012, we worked with Brightergy Corporation to install a 25 KW solar panel system on the roof of the hotel, helping us to wo reduce consumption of fossil fuels, and take advantage of clean, renewable energy.  Next time you walk into the Hotel Frederick, there's a pretty good chance that most of the electricity being used will be powered by these panels. 

Aluminum cans are recycled through Unlimited Opportunities, a local organization providing employment and training for people with with disabilities, helping them learn new skills for successful careers.

Water Conservation 
To reduce plastic water bottle waste, Culligan drinking water dispensers are situated on each floor for guests to fill up their own water bottles. We also provide guests the opportunity to opt out of daily sheet washings during multi-night stays. And of course, our detergents and cleaning supplies are eco-friendly to benefit our staff and our guests.

Bathroom Amenities 
Tankless water heaters can be found in most bathrooms. We also feature hot water heated floor and towel racks. Each bathroom uses bulk shampoo dispensers to cut down on the waste that comes with using individual bottles. Hand towels and recycled paper towels are offered in restrooms, and recycled toilet tissue and facial tissue are also used throughout the hotel. Indigo Wild soap slivers in a variety of wonderful scents are used to minimize waste and offer guests a different aroma sensation every time they hop in the bath or shower.

Seasonal local farmer’s market items are used at breakfast when available. Glassware and other non-disposable items are used in the breakfast room and guest rooms rather plastic cups and silverware.

Energy Savers 
Boiler systems are used to heat hallways and other gathering areas instead of electric. A wood stove is used to heat the foyer during colder months. A white roof is in place to reduce air conditioner usage and overall electricity costs, and solar powered decorative lights outline the roof. Wooden shades are used in most rooms to control energy costs by reducing direct sunlight in the summer and improving insulation.

Other Feel Good Stuff 
The Hotel Frederick is smoke-free throughout the entire building. Wooden veneer lampshades are used instead of plastic. Gabbeh rugs can be found throughout the hotel. These carpets are free trade, made by refugee women from Iran. Basil, mint, and a variety of other herbs are grown on the property, nurtured by water from our rain barrel, and used in homemade cocktails and dishes at The Fred Restaurant & Lounge.